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20-Dec-2017 05:20

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Game Grumps are releasing their Dad dating simulator next month and boy (or should that be dad? Now, at this point, you are probably thinking ‘oh, a protagonist who is a dad, new I guess, but hardly a catch’, but you don’t know the half of it yet. With the game even promoting sexual content, Lord knows what to expect here. That however generally tends to sum up Game Grumps quite well.

The subject, however, might surprise a few as being totally out of this planet.

Personally, I think it’s awesome just because of how crazy it is. The game is due for release on the 13th of July and you can view the official Steam page here.

Join us as we take on the role of the New Kid with incredible time-bending fart powers.

Take a trip to the Peppermint Hippo Strip Club, where The New Kid and Captain Diabetes uncover more information about missing cats and the evil looming over South Park.

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is being intimidating a good thing

The guide may have some differences in it from playing between the PC and Play Station - Betrayal from Within ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1.Walkthrough ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1.01 - Day One O~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~O 1.01.01 - Creating a Character O~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~O After the cut scene you will need to create your character.Slave's Package 1.01.10 - Hide 'n' Seek 1.01.11 - Hot Coffee 1.01.12 - Man Bear Pig 1.01.13 - Mongolian Beef 1.01.14 - Big Game Huntin' with Jimbo 1.01.15 - Rats in the Cellar 1.01.16 - Detention Sentence 1.01.17 - The Bard 1.01.18 - It's Late!

1.01.19 - Alien Abduction 1.02 - Day Two 1.02.01 - Gain New Allies 1.02.02 - Nonconformist 1.02.03 - Big Game Huntin' with Jimbo Continued 1.02.04 - Dropping the Kids Off 1.02.05 - The Homeless Problem Continued 1.02.06 - Magical Songs 1.02.07 - The She-Ogre 1.02.08 - Man Bear Pig Continued 1.02.09 - Unfriend Al Gore 1.02.10 - Defeat Man Bear Pig 1.02.11 - PTA Problems 1.02.12 - Wasted Cache 1.02.13 - Nazi Zombie Bounty 1.02.14 - Attack the School 1.02.15 - Go Back Home 1.02.16 - Defeat the Underpants Gnomes 1.03 - Day Three 1.03.01 - Forging Alliances 1.03.02 - Phase 1 1.03.03 - Recruit the Girls 1.03.04 - Pose as Bebe's Boyfriend 1.03.05 - Unplanned Parenthood 1.03.06 - Heading North 1.03.07 - O Canada 1.03.08 - Big Game Huntin' with Jimbo Continued 1.03.09 - Beat Up Clyde! The list of screens with secrets: --------------------------------- Submitted by: Tengo Angel room Forte's room Hologram room Kitchen Medical center Milfeulle's room Vanilla's room Your room [Ancient Planet] Information Room [Ancient Planet] Outside Building [Area Enigma] Outside School [Area Enigma] Town East [Chickleen] Forest East [Chickleen] Landing Site [Cockadoodle] Theme Park North [Cockadoodle] Theme Park South [Jungle Planet] Landing Site [Ocean Planet] Inside Resort [Ocean Planet] Island Beach [Resort Planet] Town Area.

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