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A great low chill apple from Israel for our customer in Zones8-9. Medium to large apple with dark red to sometimes black color with smooth waxy finish. The great sweet-tart flavor seems to get better with age, so stores very well. The tree grows in a spreading form and is resistant to scab, cedar-apple rust, mildew and fire blight. Flesh is cream colored, firm, juicy, and sprightly, similar to Stayman with a sweet-tart flavor. Medium size fruit have a red color over yellow striping. They are great for fresh eating, cooking, sauce, juice and cider. Crisp and sweet yet also resists browning when cut, making a very yellow applesauce. Anna has excellent quality with just enough tartness for fresh eating as well as cooking. Crisp, juicy, very white flesh that is more coarser than fine. It's characteristic conical shape tapers down to prominent bumps or chins at it's base. Flesh is yellow and very firm with an aromatic flavor. Flesh is firm and crunchy with a sweetness and acid flavor. Great for eating fresh & salads as well as for pies & sauce. Gala's popularity is growing in the markets as more people try it and get hooked. Put off by the Goldens that you find in the supermarket? A newer apple that is creating a lot of interest at the markets! A favorite in England since 1830 as the classic dessert apple. A medium size apple colored green with a red blushing. We now offer a very disease resistant apple that is late ripening to round out the season. Great for fresh eating, cider, applesauce and drying. BLACK OXFORD High quality winter keeper from Maine, early 1800s. BLUE PEARMAIN An old English variety that has been successful in Maine and Quebec because of its excellent winter hardiness.

The two right columns visible are glyphs from the Epi-Olmec script.

CHESTNUT CRAB Very hardy introduction from the University of Minnesota program; open-pollinated seedling of Malinda.

DUCHESS OF OLDENBURG Very old Russian variety, hardy to -40F.

To identify days over periods longer than this, Mesoamericans used the Long Count calendar.

Detail showing three columns of glyphs from a portion of the 2nd century CE La Mojarra Stela 1.

Following the discovery of the planet Neptune in 1846, there was considerable speculation that another planet might exist beyond its orbit.

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