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v=x Sa Lt Rks Fl M [] [CHAT] Wyatt Mars: 6'2 and 130 pounds.00|00|01 [CHAT] *The Magical Wizard*: Makes it feel like a ban. v=Ir LFQBDK L4 this what happens if you get kicked out of Chat 00|00|33 [CHAT] Judgekoo: Never watched friends .-. v=y Ot NMp9GSo M speaking of friends 00|00|53 [CHAT] Judgekoo: I guess his six pack broke his fall 00|00|57 [CHAT] *The Magical Wizard*: I'm sorta tired of all this crap so how about you stop, Fury?00|00|12 [CHAT] Judgekoo: my favorite kicks are the ones you wear 00|00|14 [CHAT] Celestia Of Equestria: i dont have a favorite song superdandy i listen to way too much to keep track 00|00|15 [CHAT] Kmes the Awesome JJ: it makes a cmod feel good inside 00|00|19 [CHAT] Mr Supremo: Someone is a fan of Friends ? 00|00|36 [CHAT] *The Magical Wizard*: Oh look, he came back. 00|00|44 [CHAT] Kmes the Awesome JJ: oh boy 00|00|48 [CHAT] Ttylxoxfan: I love the song we can be strong (pearl's part) 00|00|50 [CHAT] FURY325: Mmmmm 00|00|51 [CHAT] Mr Supremo: The series called Friends? 00|01|06 [CHAT] Dorumin: lmao 00|01|13 [CHAT] *The Magical Wizard*: Like, how many times do I have to kick you? v=2Vb ODn X0d Vs 00|01|31 [QUIT] Racy 2 has left the chat. - Emily4ever has joined Special: Chat PS: In the abandoned ship, there is a Keyboard cat playing "Never Gonna Give You Up", on a Friday with Chocolate Rain!

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- Megan Pepper has joined Special: Chat hello i am barak obama using this account and a new bill has passed that said you must pay this person a million dollars a day -! - Heavy Metal Machine has joined Special: Chat You got to rowdy honey.