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The Hidden History of Britain's School Student Strike by Michael Lavalette Ann Field, Mike Simons and Ian Taylor on Thatcher, Murdoch and Wapping - the conspiracy that broke the printers' union.

This is the final post in the blogg ERS series describing outcomes of the #OSS4Pres 2.0 workshop at i PRES 2016, addressing open source tool and software development for digital preservation.

Do 'Good Morning Britain' bosses have a responsibility to rein him in, or are they just pleased he's bringing in the ratings?

One saving grace for the likes of Leicester, Bournemouth and Boro has to be the fact that Sunderland are surely halfway up the creek with no paddles whatsoever.

Previously she was a Di Xi T fellow at Huygens ING and an NDSR fellow at the Library of Congress.

Marxism 2016 - Ideas for revolution runs from 30 June to 4 July in central London - it is roughly the same sort of time as the Radical Histories conference, but nonetheless includes highlights for radical and socialist historians including: Kate Evans on her graphic biography of Red Rosa - an illustrated talk about Rosa Luxemburg Book Launch - A Rebel's Guide to James Connolly with Sean Mitchell Ian Birchall, Tony Phillips and John Rose debate the German Revolution, 1918-1923 Book Launch - Kieran Allen on 1916: Ireland's Revolutionary Tradition Sheila Coleman on Hillsborough and the fight for justice Book Launch - John Newsinger on The Revolutionary Journalism of Big Bill Haywood Ralph Darlington on how the anti-union laws were broken in the 1970s Book Launch - Simon Hall on 1956 - the world in revolt Sean Sayers on Marx and progress Book Launch - Roddy Slorach on A Very Capitalist Condition - the history and politics of disability 'Get Up, Stand Up!

' Roger Huddle and Rick Blackman on the 40th anniversary of Rock Against Racism Book Launch - A Rebel's Guide to Malcolm X with Anthony Hamilton Alan Gibbons on Nina Simone: artist and revolutionary Book Launch - Brian Richardson on Bob Marley: Roots, Reggae and Revolution Hassan Mahamdallie on Five hundred years since Thomas More's Utopia Book Launch - School's Out!

She is co-founder of Party Monster, a paradigm based on the club scene of the 90's.

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Classically trained in Wicca, but currently practicing Chaos Magick, because her black cat ran away several times and she took it as a sign that being a traditional witch wasn't a good fit. She is a Priestess of The Church of Hilarity and Spontaneous Song, a Priestess of the Chaos Vaginas, and specializes in Fire Arts with Sacred Circus.

The Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at the University of New Mexico brings the challenge and excitement of university learning to adults age 50 plus who want to explore stimulating and fascinating subjects.