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An average catcher throw to 2nd base is 2.0 seconds.After making these quick calculations you will know whether or not to challenge the pitcher and catcher and try stealing second base (or third). They derive joy from picking the opposing team’s pockets, especially in pressure situations. When you get to first base, your body language and demeanor should announce, “I am stealing and there is nothing anyone can do to stop me! Stealing a lot of bases with your team far ahead or behind doesn’t mark you as a great thief.Far more valuable are the runners like Tony Womack (see Figure 1), who ignite their offenses by stealing in the early innings or during the late portions of a close game.Through 11 games, the Yankees lead the American League with 12 stolen bases after finishing 18th in baseball a year ago.This philosophical change began in the spring, when manager Joe Girardi told the two fastest Yankees, Brett Gardner and Jacoby Ellsbury, he wanted them to score 100 runs apiece.

Base runners should study the opposing pitcher the moment he takes the mound: Ironically, good pitchers are often the easiest to steal on.

What you want to look for is patterns or a movement that gives away his intentions.

It may be the 3rd or 4th inning before you discover something, but if you do you can use it to your advantage.

MORE: Five players you'll likely see in the majors quickly afer this week's draft That's excellent awareness from Bautista, and a complete lack of it from the Mariners.

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Seattle manager Scott Servais' reaction says it all.An example would be a pitcher that always glances towards a certain location when he is going to make a move to first but focuses on a different location when he is going to the plate.

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