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As well as the usual data in a dx spot, the following data can also be shown.Spotter's node, Spotters country, DX Country's regular prefix, DX Country name, spotter and DX stations CQ/ITU zones, grid squares, states/provinces. To use a TNC see TNC Setup Information Set to allow both a Logging Program via local telnet and a Contest Program on comm 1 @ 9600 baud Can be used as a "front end" for various logging programs. Will auto reconnect to the node if the connection drops.a loaf of bread lasts two days - it can mean the same as above, or that a loaf of bread will become inedible after two days, e.g. Du hast zu mir gesagt du bringst deine blödes ...(? I would translate"Zielgerecht" to something like "as expected/according to his targets", meaning that he does his work in a way that it fulfills his targets, and "zielgerichtet" to something like "target oriented", describing the way he approaches his work. In that case, I think I'll update my translation to: "He always carried out his work in a manner that fulfilled his targets" If anyone has any better suggestions for how to make it sound more like natural English, that would be great. 10 Then celebrate the Festival of Weeks to the Lord your God by giving... einsitzt) ignorieren und mit "guest" übersetzen https://books.google.de/books? If you are talking about an exam, I would say "resit" (British English) or "retake".Thanks, timfefe This is the reference of someone who is a manager and a high flyer. ) ihre Mutter damit sie schön brav, auf der Modenschau auftreten kann." Gastsasse in Israel war ein Begriff, vermutlich im Alten Testament verwendet, für Fremde bzw. » vollständigen Text anzeigen "Gastsasse" ist ein Begriff, den Martin Buber in seiner Bibelübersetzung verwendet, z. Leviticus 19, wo Luther "Fremdling" schreibt, die King James Bibel "stranger" oder andere englische Übersetzungen "foreigner". Gastsasse knüpft wohl an heute auch nicht mehr übliche Begriffe wie Hintersasse an: Wikipedia(DE): Hintersassen Hier wird der Ger-Begriff näher erläutert: man den Buber-Begriff partout ins Englische übersetzen will, wird man wohl wie in diesem Buch den Teil mit -sasse (= sitzer, vgl. Depending on your sentence, I might use it as a verb rather than a noun, e.g "I have to resit/retake the exam in September". zu den Einkünften Einkünfte = Einnahmen abzüglich Betriebskosten; Pluralwort (den Singular gibt es zwar, aber er wird eher selten verwendet) 3.In this case, I don't think "He has always completed his work in accordance with his assigned objectives (or targets, or goals)." sounds right for someone at this level, but it does sound like a good option for someone at a lower, less managerial level, especially if this is intended to convey "we were hoping for more". v=IHFl702Tl9I&t=3709s I get almost everything, but there is one single word I don't recognize. Um herauszufinden, was wirklich genau gemeint, müsste man wohl den Originaltext betrachten (und verstehen). zum Einkommen [übliche Verwendung], zu den Einkommen [grammatisch nicht falsch] Einkommen = Summe aller Einkünfte, Singular wie Plural ist Einkommen.Einkunft (meist aber Einkünfte) und Einkommen kann man gleichbedeutend verwenden (nicht fachsprachlich).The word appeared in the German translation from the Danish of Jussi Adler-Olsen's novel called 'Erbarmen' In English translation, the animal metaphor has disappeared: Nobody at police headquarters was as keen an observer as Marcus Jacobson.

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If the logging program is running in the same machine, use the local telnet loopback port ( :7300).

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