Ntpdate not updating clock enterprisedating com

07-Sep-2017 07:34

Better to use ntpdate on boot and then use a proper ntp daemon such as ntp-simple to carefully and slowly keep the system time correct. Ntpdate -- "It's Not Magic, It's Work" Adam I don't get it. It's accurate and runs as a daemon, making small adjustments to keep your clock synced with the ntp servers you specify. I would see the data in the database server but it wasn't showing up on the site! There is a fundamental disconnect in the use of NTP as it sits today as a source of provable time.

ntpdate is just supposed to be for boxes that are frequently rebooted as it is intended to be run on startup not as a cron job. I'm using debian.uk The old NTP was working fine ;)With ntp/ntpdate you may want to remove these too: /etc/init.d//etc/init.d//etc/rc0.d/K25/etc/rc6.d/K25/etc/rc S.d/S50/etc/rc S.d/S18Works great! What we suggest also is that any anonymizer functions - i.e. Time *** MUST *** come from places which are full partners of the clients they support.

Keeping your system’s date and time accurate is easy to do using NTP.

Having an accurate clock on your server ensures that time stamps in emails sent from your machine are correct.

Technical Tip #t286 - Configuring a time server using xntpd Document details 1. NB 6 minutes is the best case - if a deamon is significantly out of sync, then may take several times longer.

If you don’t occasionally set the system clock yourself, the time will slowly drift away from a perfectly accurate setting.

That’s when the network time protocol (NTP) is useful.

NTP lets you automatically sync your system time with a remote server.

Thankfully there exists a simple protocol for keeping the dates and times of computers connected to a network in sync. There are several packages related to NTP in the Debian archive, probably the simplest is the client ntpdate. Thus ntpdate can sync your system whenever you are connecting to internetthe article i was using just said "apt-get intall ntpdate" it did not take a guru to guess it would download and install an ntp client AND RUN IT.

Install it by running, as root, On second thoughts it's not such a good idea to use ntpdate on a running system, as the time shift can be large, and it can mess up cron and logging. Except the only reason I ended up at this page is it was not changing the time, ran "ntpdate org" and bobs your auntie The problem you face is that NTP is not an authoritative source of time no matter what you do to it.

NTP synchronization is important for a number of reasons.

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