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'The last few months were very hard as we argued all the time and he would get angry and smash things.

'He knocked the fan over and it cracked it still works. Then he swiped my ashtray and stick holder into the floor and it smashed and it went everywhere.

'He would always threaten to go to Colombo or Dubai to work and not come home. He once said that he would go to work in Korea but never did.

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She said the last few months with Priyanjana, 33 years her junior, who was shot dead last month were 'tough' as he became frustrated and flew into rages.

Anita Pollack, a member of European Parliament of Labour Party in UK.

Since TCHR was established, we have regularly submitted reports, statements and press releases on violations of human rights, especially on thematic issues. We have defended the rights of children without discrimination – the fundamental Rights of the Child, rights affected by Child labour, Child prostitution and the issue of Child soldiers.

These six mothers all want to take care of him and nurse baby Kartikkeya. Baby Kartikkeya ends the argument by growing five more heads to have a total of six heads so he can look at all six moms, and let them each nurse one.

Another legend explains his various names as the result of competition by many to seek and claim him.Others include Aaiyyan, Cheyon, Senthil, Vēlaṇ, Svaminatha ("ruler of the gods", from -natha king), Saravanan ("born amongst the reeds"), Arumugam or Shanmuga ("six-faced"), This root is derived from the legend of his unusual birth.

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